Sarah Vandella Takes a Monster Cock Down Her Throat

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What we have here is a fly ass hottie named Sarah Vandella and she’s been out and about for some time, but she has returned to us us from beyond looking for some Monster Of Cock. We have what she needs, what she’s been wanting fr a while.

We aim to please and when it comes to our beloved Sarah Vandella we go out of our way to provide her with some good fucking. Ms Vandella wants the big brontosaurus cock then Ms Vandella gets her big brontosaurus cock.

Check out Sarah Vandella as she gets down and dirty!

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Sarah Vandella Gets Nailed and a Creampie

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Who doesn’t love a horny blonde? Sarah Vandella is back with us and ready to be filled up with cream. Her tits are delicious. He ass is plump and shakes like the best of them. The thing I like the most about Sarah is her dick sucking skills. She’s right up there with the best of the best as far as I’m concerned.

We hook up with her in the afternoon and saw what she was wearing! Good grief!! Pink see through mini skirt and the way her nipples poke out and the way her ass slides right out makes me want to change professions. After she shows off and teases us a bit the shit gets serious. Sarah can fuck good like it’s nobody’s business. Enjoy!

Check out Sarah Vandella as she gets down and dirty!

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Sarah Vandella Needs Anal to Relieve Horny Tension

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Secretary Sarah Vandella is having a sucky day at work. She is already behind, so when Danny comes in for an interview, she hits her wall. Luckily, he is willing to help her work all those tensions out with some sucking and hardcore fucking action. His hot cream is exactly the treatment this horny babe needs!

Check out Sarah Vandella as she gets down and dirty!

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Sarah Vandella Official Site

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sarah Vandella makes things real wild for her fans with all of the HD porn she features inside her Official Site:

A pornstar’s life is very exciting, but sometimes I feel more removed from my fans than I would like. With my official site, though, I can share pictures and videos and all kinds of other exciting content anytime I like. Hanging out with my fans is the best part of my job, after all! Let’s have some fun together!

Sarah Vandella Wants To Play In the Spa

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sarah Vandella is all dressed up in pretty lacy pink lingerie, waiting to have a good time in the spa with you. She’s hoping that her lingerie will entice you. If that doesn’t work, she’s prepared to move it, enjoying the look on your face as she shows you her beautiful breasts and pussy. This hot little blonde has all the moves to get you worked up, and she can back her moves up with one of the sexiest bodies around.

Sarah Vandella thinks that spas are some of the best places to get up to all kinds of sexy fun. If you were to slip into the bubbles with her, you’d know how slippery they feel, especially if you slid your hands all over her soapy flesh. She knows all the moves to take spa play to new places. Let her take you to some of those places too.

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Sarah Vandella Sucks Cock Then Gets Deep Dicking

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sarah Vandella knows how to suck cock just right. The beautiful blonde pornstar loves wrapping her hot lips around a big piece of man meat to give it the attention it deserves. She deep throats that cock all the way down to the balls and when she’s had her fill, she climbs on and lets the gigantic dick stretch her cunt hole nice and wide.

She loves the feel of being completely filled up and pounded hardcore until her cunt throbs and spreads pussy juice all over. By then, Sarah Vandella is super hungry and ready to lick up all the savory spunk that sexy cock shoots on her face.

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Sarah Vandella and Friend Get Banged

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sarah Vandella is definitely the adventurous sort. When she and her friend pick up a hot guy with a giant cock, these two sex-crazy babes are ready to give him the fucking of his life. They take turns riding that giant cock while teasing their stud with images of them kissing and fonding each other. Sarah Vandella loves herself some girl tongue in her mouth as much as she loves a nice hard cock deep in her wet cunt.

She also loves watching her friend’s pussy get stretched all open by that giant man meat. Both women are open to other positions too. They aren’t picky, they just want as much fucking as they can get. Sarah Vandella is insatiable when it comes to cumming, and this man gives as good as both girls want to get, until finally they allow him to spurt his hot spunk all over their still hungry bodies.

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Sarah Vandella Enjoys Hot Anal Sex After Workout

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

seductive flaxen Sarah Vandella enjoys to work up a sweat at the gym, especially if her full-body workout includes some deep, stiff ass fucking. When Brick Danger sees her racy ass, he can’t wait to use his firm willy and personal mentor skills to make her workout complete.

After she blows his phallus into a rock firm pounding machine, he oils up her ass and slides in, boning her so stiff she screams as she cums. That delectable facial she gets afterward is the reward for getting all her cardio done. Sarah Vandella can’t wait to work out again tomorrow!

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Sarah Vandella Has a Threesome Adventure

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sarah Vandella was feeling horny so she went out clubbing to find herself a guy for the night. She got super lucky, however, when she found a nice sexy couple to get it on with. Sarah eagerly went after the man’s cock as soon as they got back to her place. When Sarah Vandella saw his wife sit on his face while her husband tongue fucked her into spurting all over, Sarah was so turned on she climbed on for a cock ride.

Soon the man was pumping into his wife while Sarah licked his balls. He fucked Sarah from behind while she got herself a taste of that sweet wife pussy. Soon Sarah Vandella was sucking that giant cock all over again while his wife finger-fucked her into a giant orgasm. The fun continued until the man shot his load all over both women, but then they were eager to start again.

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Sarah Vandella Seeks Sexual Counseling

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Super hot and blonde babe, Sarah Vandella, decides to seek help for her nymphomania. However, when she shows up at the shrink’s office, she finds him so hot that she can’t help but strip down to her black and turquoise lingerie. Despite the shrink’s protests, Sarah Vandella can see that she is turning him on, so she exposes her titties and enjoys seeing his eyes bug out of his head.

Next, her panties are off and she’s spreading her legs, saying, “Dr., my pussy just aches for attention sometimes! What should I do?” The poor doctor just stammers – he is so undone by Sarah Vandella’s smoking hot beauty. Then she really spreads her legs and his dick gets hard as a rock. If Sarah keeps it up, the good doctor might just end up crossing that doctor patient sexual barrier.

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Sarah Vandella Gets Her Ass Stretched

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sarah Vandella has a magnificent ass and she knows it. She loves it when men worship it properly, giving her a nice deep-penetrating ass fucking when she needs it. But now she’s getting to play with Erik’s super fat cock and he’s going to stretch her tight little hole out big time! Can Sarah handle it?

Check out Sarah Vandella as she gets down and dirty!

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Sarah Vandella Wants to Pose For You

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sarah Vandella is all dressed up for you. Wearing a tight blue bustier, black lace g-string panties, thigh high black hose, and silver heels, the curvy blonde babe is a picture of lust. Turning sideways, you get a nice view of the thrust of her perfect breasts and firm round ass. Once she is free of the bustier, you are able to see her gorgeous titties, so firm and round and ready to be handled by a man like you.

Then she stretches her little g string so that it slides up between her cunt lips and caresses her clit. Sarah Vandella knows you get rock hard just looking at that! She hopes it makes you hot enough to give it to her just the way she likes it – hard and deep in any position you can handle. Are you man enough to please a woman as hot as Sarah Vandella?

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Sarah Vandella Has an Erotic Play Date

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When Sarah Vandella gets together with her girlfriends, you just never know what might come up. She’s been feeling pretty horny for some girl fun lately, so she invited her friend over for some hot blonde, clit thumping, pussy licking, dildo pumping fun. Sarah Vandella loves all that sweet pussy juice dripping into her mouth. She loves the feel of soft nipples against her tongue.

She gets quite hungry sometimes to touch all that soft and silky flesh. And when she fucks her friend with her toy until her friend cums hard, Sarah Vandella gets so into it, she nearly cums herself. There is something extra special about it when two girlfriends play together. And you’re the lucky man who gets to watch!

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Sarah Vandella Loves Her Special Couch

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sarah Vandella invited one of her favorite studs over for some sexy fun. She wastes no time going after his cock with her mouth, practically gagging on it in her eagerness to take it as far down her throat as possible. When he’s super hard and ready, she’s thrilled. By that time, Sarah Vandella is almost gushing, she’s so wet and ready for some deep fucking.

Her stud definitely knows how to please, too. Not only does he give her all the hard-banging action she’s craving, but he does it in every position she imagines would be fun. These two are so hot together that the temperature of the room heats up when they are in it. Sarah Vandella is one lusty blonde lady and she’ll never let you forget it!

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Sarah Vandella Loves to Work Out

Monday, August 3, 2015

When Sarah Vandella shows up to be your exercise trainer, you never know what kind of new moves she’s going to have. Today, she’s giving her client a very special cock work out. First, she warms him up with her sweet lips and golden tongue. Then she has her client help her get warmed up with a little tongue exercise of his own. When they are both warm and ready for the next level, she climbs on him for thrusting position one.

Sarah Vandella makes sure her client gets all the hard-thrusting action he can handle, knowing how good it is for strengthening the muscles. At the end of the work out, Sarah Vandella pays special attention to make sure her client cools down properly. One last bit of servicing with her mouth, and he bursts his hot load just for her, bringing a sense of relaxation and relief. Working out is so fun!

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